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Sparkpark AS and Wings (PM3D S.A.) Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Urban Mobility in Poland

City of Torun, Poland

​At Sparkpark, we're thrilled to announce our exciting new partnership with E-wings, a dynamic e-scooter provider from Poland and a subsidiary of the trusted parking management firm, PM3D. This collaboration marks a major step forward in addressing the challenges of urban mobility and parking in Poland.

Transforming Micro-Mobility Parking Systems

Through this strategic partnership, we will deploy our cutting-edge digital infrastructure to help E-wings roll out an advanced parking system, Happy City®. This system offers unmatched flexibility and precision, providing centimeter-level accuracy to solve the common problem of improperly parked micromobility vehicles.

Aligned Objectives for Urban Transformation

Our collaboration aims to reduce the misparking of micromobility vehicles, minimizing street clutter and enhancing pedestrian safety, especially for individuals with reduces abilities. With E-wings leveraging PM3D's extensive experience in managing parking solutions across Polish cities, this partnership promises an innovative integration of micromobility into urban environments.

A Partnership Born from Vision and Opportunity​

This partnership was initiated by Zbigniew from Wings, who recognized the potential of our solutions. Together, we've secured a grant under the SME Market Expansion Call, led by EIT Urban Mobility. Managed by Jakub from Wings and Tiara from Sparkpark, this pilot project, with a budget of €59,500, aims to foster broader cooperation within the EIT Urban Mobility ecosystem.

Future Opportunities

Post-pilot, we aim to develop a robust B2B2G business model with E-wings, potentially evolving into a comprehensive commercial agreement. This aligns with our strategy to scale solutions swiftly and effectively, contributing to safer and more inclusive urban mobility networks.

badly parked bikes_edited.png

The situation today in European cities

well parked bikes_edited.jpg

How it should be with using Sparkpark’s Digital Parking Infrastructure – Happy City®

Jakub Wojtaluk

Tiara Silvente

Our partners
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