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Sparkpark's mission is to create a Happy City® where resources and space are shared, and safety and sustainability are prioritized.

Value to the cities

By partnering with Sparkpark, municipalities can expect not only a solution to micromobility parking challenges but also a innovative approach to urban living in smart cities.

The benefits extend beyond efficiency of the ultra-precise parking solution. Organization of micromobility contributes to a safer, more sustainable, and harmonized urban environment.


Problem solved

Not precise parking of micromobility vehicles on sidewalks compromises pedestrian safety.

There are more risks in the cities for people with reduced mobility, due to disorganized micromobility vehicle parking, which interferes their mobility.

The planning and technology are lacking a precise solution for parking areas, which has today a negative impact on urban appearance.

R&D center

In the beautiful Norwegian town of Arendal, our research and development center welcome our team dedicated to innovating and improving our offerings.

We are willing to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals defined by UNITED NATIONS
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