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"Precise parking of scooters will be tested in Prague"

In Prague, a one-year EU-funded project managed by ParkedByMe consortium aims to test a new parking solution for shared bikes, electric bikes, and scooters. Utilizing the SparkPark digital system with Bluetooth sensors, the project seeks to expand parking spaces, improve efficiency, and reduce street disorder caused by poorly parked vehicles. Pilot projects in Prague and Madrid will compare the new system with GPS sensors, addressing concerns about traffic, safety, and aesthetics in urban areas.

"Precise Micromobility Parking With Innovative Bluetooth Sensors"

“ParkedByMe is not just a project; it’s a commitment to revolutionize the way we park micromobility vehicles in urban  areas. The parking infrastructure is a tool for the cities to reduce pollution, by making fundaments for the micromobility to grow; and, at the same time, keep all users of public areas safe.” – CEO, Igor Pancevski, SparkPark

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"Reliably on the way"

FUSS eV association urges Berlin Senate to address rampant e-scooter parking violations. Despite regulations, sidewalk obstruction persists, with inadequate provider responses. Mitte councilor Almut Neumann advocates for expanded parking spaces and equal fines. Sparkpark proposes a Bluetooth tracking solution for precise parking compliance.

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"“Disabling, endangering, unlawful”: E-scooters continue to stand in the way in Berlin"

FUSS eV highlights ongoing e-scooter issues in Berlin, citing obstruction and danger to pedestrians. They call for a temporary halt to e-scooter operations and the creation of more parking spaces. While improvements are noted in certain areas, challenges persist. Mitte sees progress with installed parking stations, but further expansion is needed to accommodate the growing number of e-scooters.

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"E-scooters in Berlin: Two thirds of all rental two-wheelers are parked incorrectly"

FUSS eV's study finds over two-thirds of e-scooters parked incorrectly in Berlin, prompting demands for a halt to permits. Challenges remain, but Mitte sees progress with installed parking stations. Sparkpark offers a solution with precise parking technology. Voi is positive, while city councilor Almut Neumann pledges more parking areas.

"Happy City uses IoT to end e-vehicle parking mess"

With digital infrastructure and flexibility for special events, Happy City promotes shared micromobility while enhancing accessibility for all pedestrians, including the elderly and disabled. The solution aligns with the growing demand for parking solutions in major cities and reflects a shift towards shared mobility and environmental sustainability. Pilot projects are underway in European cities, with potential applications beyond parking management in the future.

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"How to solve the parking chaos for the electric scooters"

"Igor was sitting in a café with a friend when he noticed that the electric scooters were strewn around the street outside. Together they came up with a solution that will ensure that the bikes have to be parked within a given area, and SINTEF is part of the team working to realize the idea."


"New invention can prevent electric scooters from being thrown everywhere"

A new invention called Happy City aims to solve the problem of haphazardly parked electric scooters in cities. Developed by SparkPark, it uses base stations in parking spaces to ensure scooters are parked correctly before rides can end.

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